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A charming ancient Egyptian painting made of authentic papyrus and decorated with an artwork quoted from the sacred temple of the young lovers, Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun! Tutankhamun and his wife Ankhesenamun were the finest example of Egyptian love and together they reigned at what was arguably the wealthiest period of ancient Egyptian history. They also brought peace, happiness, joy, love and equilibrium to their people; which is why it is believed that their images bring a good omen to couples and bond their relationships. This wonderful painting is depicting Pharaoh Tutankhamun and his beloved wife Ankhesenamun in a sacred ceremony to honor their love/marriage and to renew their vows. This exquisite painting is 100% handmade in Egypt by our professional Egyptian artists whose history in art making dates back to 1940. Our unique painting has been also decorated with mystical hieroglyphic letters and sacred Pharaonic symbols, to spread blessings and positive energies into your space. Perfect for your altar, shrine, home/office decoration and can be an astonishing gift for your friends, family members, co-workers and beloved ones, on all occasions.

King Tutankhamun and Queen Ankhesenamun Sacred Ceremony

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  • Dimensions W x H:
    32 x 42 cm

    40 g

    Authentic Papyrus

    Handmade in: 

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