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The Magical sistrum is the most powerful tool of ancient Egypt! It is a name given to a musical instrument used by Queens, witches and priestesses for magic, spells and embodiment of goddesses powers. With time, the tool was also used for healing, activations, astrology and connecting with souls from past lives and other dimensions. The tool was incredibly powerful that it has been said it was used by Queen Cleopatra herself to claim the throne of Egypt. The tool was mainly made of black Basalt stone and real gold to match the intense energy that it produces, however, in this replica design, we have used much affordable materials for everyone to purchase. In this unique design, we have decorated the Sistrum with golden mystical hieroglyphic letters quoted from the temple of Goddess Hathor in Dandera. The letters are actually codes thought to assist and protect the user from the immense energy of the sistrum. It also helps to unlock your heart, release your fear and insecurity which will promote healing on cosmic and physical level. This breathtaking replica Sistrum of Goddess Hathor is 100% handmade in Egypt using high durable and quality materials for long lasting design. Perfect for your personal use and can be an astonishing gift for your friends, family members, co-workers and beloved ones, on all occasions. Claim it now and unleash the Hathor in you!

The Magical Sacred Sistrum Of Goddess Hathor

  • Dimensions: D x W x H:             
    2.5 x 10 x 26 cm

    780 g


    Handmade in:

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