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Powerful ancient Egyptian statue of the protective lioness-headed goddess Sekhmet. The statue is handmade of pure white Alabaster stone and has been activated in Giza Pyramids to be used in meditation, healing and other spiritual, magical and reading work. The goddess is depicted seated in a squatting position wearing her divine dress and listing to your prayers. With the right tools and words, she will fulfill your wishes and dreams! The goddess is also depicted wearing her royal double crown of the sun-disk and cobra symbolizing power of the feminine energy. This cosmic statue is perfect for your altar, shrine and can be used in your rituals and sacred ceremonies. Can also be a wonderful gift for your friends, family members, co-workers and beloved ones, on their special occasions.

Pure Alabaster Statue of Seated Sekhmet

  • Dimensions D x W x H:
    10.5 x 8.5 x 26 cm

    1920 g


    Handmade in:

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