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Anubis is the god of mummification, embalming and death. In ancient Egyptian religion, Anubis was well-known for his "weighting of the heart" ritual, in which it was determined whether a soul would be allowed to enter heaven or ceased to exist forever. Anubis is also a protective god whose statues were placed in temples and tombs to guard their space from evil and negative energies. In this unique statue design, Anubis is depicted with the powerful Isis, the ancient Egyptian goddess of healing, to not only receive protection but to spread blessings and positive vibes into your place as well! This unique piece of art is a replica of the original artifact that was found in Isis's temple of Dendera. It is 100% masterfully handmade in Egypt with Granite stone, which comes in black and red, also in white Alabaster, which is the same exact stone that was used by the ancient Egyptians in building their own amulets and sacred statues. This powerful statue has been activated to be used in all kinds of spiritual work, rituals and ceremonies that are associated with both god Anubis and goddess Isis. Perfect for your altar, shrine, home/office decoration and can be an astonishing gift for your friends and beloved ones, on their special occasions. Claim it now and gain the power of Egypt's gods!

Rare Granite and Alabaster Statues of Anubis

  • Dimensions D x W x H:
    8.5 x 7.5 x 30.5 cm

    1330 g

    Granite, Alabaster

    Handmade in:

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