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About Us

Pharaoh's Closet is one of the first and largest online shopping stores in Egypt,

with more than 28,000 customers worldwide and hundreds of new products every year.

The store is dedicated to sell almost EVERYTHING related to ancient Egypt,

starting from amulets, jewelry, decoration and other 50 collections are awaiting for you to explore!

Pharaoh's Closet is based in Egypt and all its products are 100% shipped, packaged,

manufactured and handmade in Egypt.

Our Story

Ancient Egypt is truly one of the most mysterious yet fascinating civilizations

to ever exist among others.

The ancient Egyptians were simply unique and highly advanced for their time.

They had the power of knowledge, wisdom, strength and strong beliefs.

Just like most of you, our passion towards Egypt begun in a very young age and based on that,

we were called to reunite our forces and reclaim the lost history of ancient Egypt

and share it across the globe.

We started with a simple blog followed by a single page and eventually with Pharaoh's Closet!

With Pharaoh's Closet, we have carefully designed everything to create an extraordinary

and unique place, where you can be easily shopping for Egyptian products

and gain knowledge thru our blog posts or product descriptions.

We have spent thousands of hours studying the ancient Egyptian history, culture,

religions, rituals, art, symbols, lifestyle and more,

to answer your most puzzled questions and to bring you the latest Egyptian discoveries and updates.

Feel free to subscribe to our mailing list to get our latest updates.

With Pharaoh's Closet, you're always home!

Products Quality

Pharaoh's Closet follows a strict quality control policy to ensure the maximum

satisfaction for our dear customers worldwide.

All our products are carefully designed and made with the finest Egyptian materials to

meet the highest standards of durability and elegancy.

Our handmade products are masterfully made by professional Egyptian artists and highly skilled

local handicraftsmen with the use of techniques dating back to 1940s.

Over 90% of our products are inspired by the actual decorations and jewelry of ancient Egypt.

All our products are carefully inspected for any manufacturing defects.

However, there may be minor defects as our products are handmade

and are subject to possible human error.

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