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Charming Egyptian bracelet jewelry set depicting some of the most powerful gods, symbols and hieroglyphic letters of ancient Egypt! The set is masterfully handmade with brass using the same basic tools and techniques that were used by our Egyptian ancestors for thousands of years ago. The set design is 100% inspired by the actual jewelry of ancient Egypt, leaving you with pieces that will bring the divinity and blessings of the great Pharaohs and Egyptian Queens into your life! This sacred Egyptian bracelet set is truly made for a true goddess like you and once you wear them, you will unlock your royal memories from your past Egyptian lives! Can also be a perfect surprise gift for your friends, family, co-workers and beloved on their special occasions. Claim them now and unleash the lavish queen within you!

Unique Egyptian Gold Coated Sterling Silver Bracelets

  • Size:
    Suitable for wrist sizes of 16.5 cm in diameter and below

    11 g

    Sterling Silver, 14K Gold

    Handmade in:

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