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Only on Pharaoh's Closet store! A charming leather bag that contains a depiction of Egyptian high priestesses conducting a sacred ritual holding the blue lotus. The blue water lily of the Nile symbolized creation and rebirth as it emerged from its primordial waters to bloom once a year for only 3 days. The plant was associated with the sun-god Ra as the bringer of light and the embodiment of the “perfection of wisdom.” For thousands of years it was used by the ancient Egyptians as part of religious ceremonies to reach higher levels of consciousness and connect to the Divine. They would steep the Blue Lotus flowers in wine for several weeks and use it as a sacred sacrament.This Egyptian bag is truly one of the finest. Its unique design and convenient size makes it ideal to be worn with any type of clothing, on daily basis and on all occasions. Its light weight and strong structure will hold most of your items without stressing your shoulders. The bag is easy to carry, clean and to take care of. It has 1 main zipper closure and a secret small pouch embedded inside for your small items. This bag comes with enough space to fit most of your personal items and to be used in shopping, camping, picnicking, hiking, traveling and much more. This beautiful Egyptian bag is 100% handmade in Egypt with the use of high quality materials for long lasting design. Perfect for personal use and can be an astonishing gift for your friends, family, relatives, co-workers and beloved ones, on all occasions. Claim it now and walk like an Egyptian!

High Priestesses Ritual Shoulder Crossbody Single Strap Bag

  • Adjustable Length


    Dimensions W x H


                  In Centimeters:

                  28 x 95 


                  In Inches:

                  11 x 37.4



                  300 g



                  Leather, Textile


    Handmade in:




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