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Egyptian/Nubian Battoulah Offer: Battoulah, also known as Bourko, is a face mask traditionally worn by Muslim Arab women in Egypt, Nubia and other Arab countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and more. Battoulahs come in different sizes, shapes and even styles depending on the region/country. They are generally worn for religious reasons or as a fashion accessory for belly dancing, erotic dancing, carnivals, festivals, ceremonies, Halloween, role play and all kinds of tribal and costume parties. This wonderful Battoulah is 100% handmade in Egypt and designed in the Egyptian/Nubian style. It is made with the finest fabrics and decorated with golden coin-shaped charms engraved with Horus Eye, to spread blessings and guard your soul against evil, hatred, envy, and all kinds of negative energies.

Nubian Battoulah Egyptian Tribal Face Veil From Luxor - Set of 2

  • Set of:
    2 Veils

    One Size Fits All

    Set Weight: 
    45 g

    Textile, Coins, Beads

    Handmade in:

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