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The mother of all pendants, the finest example of ancient jewelry! A masterpiece made with lavish Egyptian materials to suit a true goddess or god like you. It's 100% Handmade with pure sterling silver and REAL divine gemstones of Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise and Red Coral! This powerful Egyptian pendant has been activated in Giza to work as a protective amulet and to bring nothing but happiness, joy and love into your life. This cosmic pendant is also decorated with the sacred Ankh, the symbol of life and regeneration, assuring constant healing to the wearer! The pendant is uniquely designed to suit all styles and clothing, and comes with long chain to fit all sizes. Perfect for personal use and can an astonishing gift for your friends, family, co-workers and beloved ones, on their special occasions. Claim it now and unleash the healing energy of the Ankh!

The Sacred Temple of The Ankh Sterling Silver Pendant

    • Pendant Length:

                  32.5 cm
                  12.8 in


    • Pendant Height:

                  5.5 cm
                  2.2 in


    • Pendant Width:

                  3.5 cm
                  1.4 in


    • Weight:

                  28 g


    • Materials:

                  925 Sterling Silver,  Lapis lazuli, 
                  Turquoise, Red Coral


    • Handmade in:

                  Luxor, Egypt

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