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Behold! The Magical Healing of Isis, the finest example of ancient Egyptian jewelry. The Magical Healing, also known as Haow'Raat, is one of the most powerful and charming collar necklaces of goddess Isis. It consists of blessed Pharaonic beads, pure Egyptian Turquoise and Black Agate stones, to heal your whole and shield your soul from all kinds of negative energies. In ancient Egyptian religion, the collar was mainly worn by queens and priestesses during their rituals, ceremonies and activations that are associated with Isis's magical energy and her healing features. The collar was also used in awakening the divine feminine within and reconnecting memories from past lives to find your true path! This lavish masterpiece is 100% handmade in Egypt by our professional Egyptian artists, thus, product customization is available on request. Perfect for personal use and can be an astonishing gift for your beloved ones on their special occasions. Claim it now and unleash your royalty! ONLY 1 PIECE IS AVAILABLE.

The Magical Healing The Sacred Collar of Goddess Isis

  • Size:
    One Size Fits All

    Dimensions W x H:
    27 x 25 cm (without chain)

    170 g

    Beads, Stones, Textile

    Handmade in:

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