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In the beginning of time there was a god called Osiris. He was the first Pharaoh to ever rule Egypt, represented with long headdress, The crook and flail, and the famous Pharaonic robe. Osiris was the god of peace and love, unlike his brother Seth, god of hatred and evil. Along with his beloved wife Isis, Osiris ruled Egypt with happiness and joy for many years until he was murdered by his envious brother. As goddess of magic and healing, Isis used her powerful skills and tools to bring back Osiris to life and live happily together for eternity. One of these tools is this divine pendant necklace, holding a mystical green stone that is decorated with Osiris body and magical hieroglyphic letters for true love awakening! This cosmic pendant is thought to contain a powerful energy to bring back ex boyfriends or lovers from this lifetime or other lifetimes. The pendant will rebirth your dead love and regenerate your intimate connection with your partner. It will also bond your relationship and shield it from evil and envious people. It has been said that this sacred necklace may also attract your true twinflame lover if worn daily! Are you ready to meet your true lover yet? Claim it now or gift it to friends or family members who might need it. This special necklace is 100% handmade in Egypt and has been charged in Giza Pyramids using sound vibrations. Comes with 925 Egyptian sterling silver chain.

Old Magical Egyptian Pendant of The Mummified Osiris For Love Bringing

  • Chain Length:
    29 cm

    Pendant Dimensions W x H:
    4 x 8.5 cm

    51 g (with chain)

    Glazed Steatite, Sterling Silver

    Handmade in:

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