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A symbol of wisdom and magic, this exquisite pendant is more than just symbolic. Designed inspired by the ancient Egyptian God Thoth in his bird form, each pendant is handmade in Egypt by exquisite artisans. Crafted from pure sterling silver, the Thoth pendant possesses a timeless class. Its elegance permeates through time and space, making your heart pound with anticipation every time you wear it. Legends speak of Thoth's healing abilities, and wearing this pendant may just allow you to tap into that ancient magic. Experience harmony, soothe your soul, and stand out with this exceptional piece of jewelry. Perfect for personal owning and can be an astoshing, yet helpful gift for your friends, family members and beloved ones, on their special occasion. Introduce an air of mystique and elegance to your everyday ensemble with our divine Thoth pendant!

Charming Pendant of God Thoth In His ibis Form

  • Chain Length:
    25 cm

    Pendant Dimensions D x W x H:
    0.3 x 4.5 x 4 cm

    12 g

    Sterling Silver, Beads

    Handmade in:

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