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Exclusively on Pharaoh's Closet store! A uniquely designed painting, masterfully handmade in Egypt with the use of the finest and most durable Egyptian materials for long lasting design. This charming painting is 100% made with authentic papyrus leaves and hand-painted with luminous paints that glow in the dark! This exquisite piece of art is decorated with mystical hieroglyphic letters and sacred Pharaonic symbols, to unleash the ancient Egyptian atmosphere and its positive/blessed energies into your space! This gorgeous piece is also decorated with gold glitter and gloss coating to beautify its appearance and sharpen its details. This painting contains a depiction of the "complete soul ritual" found in Hathor's temple, which represents truth, justice, harmony, order, balance, compassion and reciprocity that are associated to Goddess Ma'at, and love, joy, passion, romance, intimacy and pure sexuality associated to Goddess Hathor. This sacred painting shows how the ancient Egyptians cared about these cosmic energies and how enlightened and advanced their civilization was! This amazing painting is perfect for indoor decoration and can be an astonishing gift for your friends, family, relatives, co-workers and beloved ones, on all occasions. Buy Now and feel the power of the Egyptian deities!

The Complete Soul Ritual Glowing Papyrus Painting

  • Dimensions W x H:
    42 x 32 cm

    40 g

    Authentic Papyrus, Luminous Paint

    Handmade in: 

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