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Unveil a world of musical mystique and spiritual harmony with Sistrum, a captivating handmade musical instrument hailing from Egypt. This impeccable masterpiece is skillfully crafted by our Egyptian artisans who meticulously craft the instrument using centuries-old techniques. The sistrum design is 100% inspired by the actual tool found in the depictions that represented on the walls of ancient Egyptian temples and tombs. Sistrum's ethereal tones and rhythmic vibrations have been used in spiritual practices for generations. It was a companion tool for those seeking tranquility and a deeper connection with their gods, spirits, and inner selves. Each sistrum has been carefully activated in Giza Pyramids to be used in rituals and ceremonies. You can also use it for mediation, activation, healing, embodiment and other spiritual or magical work. Perfect for your altar, shrine, home/office decoration and can be a wonderful, yet helpful gift for your friends, family members, co-workers, and beloved ones. Claim it now and let our divine Sistrum remind you of the timeless power of music to transcend boundaries and awaken the spirit within!

Black Sistrum of Goddess Hathor

  • Dimensions: D x W x H:           
    2 x 8 x 26 cm

    350 g


    Handmade in:

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