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Ma'at or Maat refers to the ancient Egyptian concepts of truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality and justice. Her primary role in ancient Egyptian religion dealt with the Weighing of the Heart that took place in the Duat, or underworld. Her feather was the measure that determined whether the souls (considered to reside in the heart) of the departed would reach the paradise of the afterlife successfully. This wonderful statue is 100% handmade / hand painted in Egypt with the use of the finest and most durable materials for long lasting design. It depicts goddess Ma'at standing proud on her feet on a golden pedestal holding the sacred ankh in her hand and wearing her ostrich feather on her head. Perfect for your home or office decoration and can be placed in your altar or shrine to bless your space. You can use it for meditation, channeling, chakra balancing and other spiritual practices as it has been activated in the pyramids of Giza for that purpose. Can also be a wonderful gift for your friends, family, relatives, co-workers and beloved ones on all occasions. Comes in 5 unique colors. Claim her now and feel the balancing energy of goddess Ma'at!

Unique Goddess of Balance Maat Statue - Various Colors

  • Dimensions D x W x H:
    8 x 8 x 32 cm

    580 g


    Handmade in:

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