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Ra! The ultimate god of Egypt! By the Fifth Egyptian Dynasty in the 25th and 24th centuries BC, he had become one of the most important gods in ancient Egyptian religion, identified primarily with the noon sun. Ra was believed to rule in all parts of the created world: the sky, the Earth, and the underworld. He was the god of the sun, order, kings, and the sky. Ra was portrayed as a falcon and shared characteristics with the sky god Horus. At times the two deities were merged as Ra-Horakhty, "Ra, who is Horus of the Two Horizons." This powerful statue depicting Ra, the falcon-headed god and the sun-disk inside a cobra resting on his head. It is 100% handmade / hand painted in Egypt with the use of the finest and most durable Egyptian materials for long lasting design. This sacred statue has been also activated to be used in spiritual work, rituals, ceremonies and more! Perfect for home / office decoration and can be an astonishing gift for your friends, family, relatives, co-workers and beloved ones, on all occasions. Buy Now and feel the power of RA!

Colored Copper Statue of The Mighty Ra

  • Dimensions D x W x H:
    6.5 x 5 x 20.5 cm
    11.5 x 7.5 x 34 cm

    210 g
    830 g

    Resin, Copper Plated

    Handmade in:

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