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This unique statue is a sacred handmade piece, made of genuine alabaster and crafted in Egypt. It features the ancient goddess of war, healing and justice, Sekhmet, sitting on her throne with her hands resting on her lap. The goddess is depicted wearing her royal sun-disk headdress and ceremonial robe symbolizes purity. The goddess holds the Ankh of life with her right hand to bless your soul and shield your place from evil and negative energies. This small statue of Sekhmet is perfect for your altar, shrine, home/office decoration and can be an astonishing, yet helpful gift for your friends, family members and beloved ones. Claim her now and unleash the lioness within you!

Small Pure White Alabaster Seated Statue of Sekhmet

  • Dimensions D x W x H:
    9 x 6 x 18 cm

    500 g


    Handade in: 

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