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Unique Egyptian tarot card deck of the knowledge god, Thoth. The deck consists of 78 vibrant cards with charming depictions to assist you in your readings, fortune-telling and divination work. The deck can also be used in your meditations, sacred rituals, ceremonies, astrology and magical work. The deck is very simple and easy to use which is suitable for beginners and professionals. It comes with a guide book translated into 4 languages; English, French, Spanish and Deutsch. Perfect for personal use and can be a wonderful gift for your friends and beloved ones. Claim it now and unleash your psychic power!

The Original Egyptian Tarot Deck of God Thoth

  • Card Dimensions W x H:
    6 x 11 cm

    Set Weight:
    50 g

    Durable Gloss Coated Papers

    Made in:

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