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Powerful ancient Egyptian statue of the protective lioness-headed goddess Sekhmet. The statue is handmade of red granite showing the goddess seated in a squatting position wearing her divine ceremonial dress covering her body details and replaced with sacred hieroglyphic letters and mystical Egyptian symbols to spread blessings into your soul, mind, body, heart and place. The goddess is also depicted wearing her royal sun-disk crown, merged with the Wadjet, the Egyptian Cobra, and the wig, symbol of femininity. This unique statue is perfect for your altar, shrine and can be used in your rituals, meditation and more, as it has been activated in Giza Pyramids for this purpose. Perfect for home/office decoration and can also be a wonderful, yet helpful gift for your friends, family members, co-workers and beloved ones. 

Rare Black Granite Seated Sekhmet Statue

SKU: ssr21d2
  • Dimensions D x W x H:
    10.5 x 8.5 x 26 cm

    1760 g


    Handmade in:

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